Impact of AI on trauma nurses

Nicole Cook, APRN, MSN is a trauma clinical nurse specialist and a clinical advisor for TraumaCare.AI. She recently wrote an article for HISTalk articulating how science and technology has, over the years changed critical care practices and AI is another step towards use of better technology to improve outcomes for the patients that they care for.

Patient safety is created in layers. The Swiss Cheese Model is a well-known illustration of risk management and prevention. Layers upon layers of preventative measures and mitigation strategies result in improved safety. The integration of AI/ML can be seen as a robust addition to the Swiss Cheese Model due to its potential for adaption and development. Trauma nurses have a responsibility to investigate its potential in the evolution of our specialty to anticipate potential gaps in safety, equity, and education, and to take an active role in shaping this technology to assist us in caring for some of the most complex patients in all of healthcare.

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