OUR TEchnology

TraumaCare’s AI-driven software gives clinical teams real-time, patient-specific risk predictions and precise data, helping them to make better decisions

Shares real-time, patient specific data

Integrated in existing EHR software

UX built for trauma and ICU workflows

Provides real-time risk predictions

Intuitive, easy-to-use user interface

AI models built using only critical care data

Platform and Value​

Real Time Patient Data

Other Clinical Data
Legacy Risk Scores

Clinically Validated, Real
Time AI

Workflow & UI Designed For Critical Care

Improve Patient Outcomes​

Reduces mortality, organ dysfunction, wound infections, and long-term morbidity​a

Improve Financial & Operating Efficiency

Reduces ICU LoS, days on vent, time to intervention, transfusion requirement, improves OR efficiency

Here’s how it looks in practice:

19 year-old patient who was involved in a high speed motorcycle accident without a helmet;

he is somnolent and has a weak radial pulse, arriving in ICU in 5 minutes.

Our AI algorithm will identify two key things:​

Assesses the risk of death of this patient in the next 48 hours

Outlines the primary individualized reasons for that risk

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